Toyota keys are not expensive anymore.

Elite Locksmiths are Newcastle’s only Locksmith used by the dealers to cut and program keys and reset the immobilisers in their cars. Toyota immobiliser systems present a unique challenge as they have a form of protection not found in other vehicles, hence the data in the files in the ECU can’t be written to via the obd port with a scan tool unless you have a working master key.

Toyotas from 1998 to 2009

Toyotas from this era generally have to have the ECU removed, we have to access and exchange data on  certain component in the ECU, there are some exceptions where we can access the data with the scan tool, therefore either way (unless there are external issues causing faults) these models are no longer a pain when all keys are lost.


Advanced Diagnostics ad 100 used programming Toyota keys via the obd port

Components on a Toyota ECU board that has to have data changed so the car starts.

Toyotas from 2009 to 2016/17

This era saw the introduction of the “g” 80-bit chips and just recently the “h” 128-bit chips. The cryptography employed in these vehicles and accessibility of components make them a big dollar spend.

We have the latest equipment to sort these cars at approx half the dealer cost.

Most noteworthy these Toyotas with “g” key, need their dashboards removed so we can access the components.

With the aid of modern up to date equipment. We can make “g” keys without removing the dashboard, saving the customer $$$$$$

Elite Mobile Locksmiths are here to help and save you money.

We produce keys when no keys are available we also provide spare keys. As a result, it is the best scenario for customers? Finally, all modern car keys are expensive with Toyota keys being some of the most expensive, so call now.