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Are Elite Locksmith Licenced?2014-05-15T12:04:56+00:00

Yes, our licence is checked and supplied by the NSW Police force licensing branch.

My key is badly worn what should i do?2014-03-27T13:32:57+00:00

We can reproduce your key to exact tolerances, we don’t duplicate worn keys.

Does Elite Locksmiths use code cutting machinery?2014-03-27T13:33:16+00:00

Yes our key cutting machinery is computer controlled and cuts all keys to manufacturers specifications.

Why does my car need a transponder key?2014-03-27T13:34:17+00:00

Dating back to 1996 most cars needed not only a working mechanical key, but a device that Transmits and responds to data, via a aerial usually found around the cars ignition barrel.

Does Elite Locksmiths supply ignitions barrels?2014-03-27T13:35:02+00:00

Not only do we supply, but we fit them and make sure your new ignition is coded to suit your existing key.

My keys for my late model Toyota have been stolen and the dealer wants $1800.00 to fix it.2014-03-27T13:36:10+00:00

Elite Locksmiths can do this job on just about every Toyota model produced, for instance 2001 Toyota Rav4. We provided 2 new keys and reset the ECU, on site, the same day, no parts needed except for the keys.

What is the difference between Elite Locksmiths and shopping center key cutters and there like?2014-05-10T10:26:06+00:00

Elite Locksmiths specialise in locks and keys and are trade qualified and have pride in their craft. Shopping center key cutters and there like offer convenience but rarely get the key cut right.  Costing you time and inconvenience.

What turn around does Elite Locksmiths offer?2014-03-27T13:39:52+00:00

Generally the same day unless there are parts hold ups.

Does Elite Locksmiths have complete insurances ?2014-05-15T12:03:25+00:00

Yes, 20 million dollars in public liability and comprehensive insurance on our vehicles.